Presentation – Who am I?

A Girl as Unique as Her Name

Semper means “Always” in latin.  It is also part of the United States Marine Corps motto Semper Fidelis (or Semper Fi) which translates to “Always Faithful” in English.

I have a background in both Fashion Design & Merchandising:

  • Graduated with an A.A. in Fashion Design, Class of 2010 with Presidents Honors.
  • Transferred to CSULA (Fall 2012) as a Fashion Design major but switched to Fashion Merchandising shortly after.
  • Worked as a stitcher at California Musical Theater, Summer 2011 production.
  • Held social media internships for two different Los Angeles based women’s clothing companies.

My work:

  • Bel Kazan:  Edited and contributed blog content.  Click here to view.
  • Modern Archive:  Responsible for blog content.  Click here to view.
  • Co-creater of la.apparel.archives blog.  Click here to view blog &  here to view the look book.

Designers I admire:

  • Christian Dior
  • Alexander McQueen
  • Jean Paul-Gaultier

Professional aesthetic:

  • Structure
  • Taboo
  • Blurring fashion and costume

Mood Board

Zana Bayne, NYC Based Designer

Irezumi Tattoos

Retro Nails & Hair

Frida Kahlo + Pop Culture

Redefining Beauty: Brooke Candy

Blogs I Follow:  Leandra Medine aka The Man Repeller

Current Muse: Soo Joo Park

Project #4: Look Book

The look book is finally done!

This project was fun but was a lot of work!  It took a total of two weeks from start to finish.  I got first hand experience on a lot of things including: model search, scheduling, pulling looks, styling, shooting, hair, makeup, editing, and printing.

I’m excited to share the final product so click on the link below to see the PDF version, enjoy!

Look Book: la.apparel.archives

Fan Lady

Look Book Concept

Partnering up for this project, see the excerpt below (from la.apparel.archives) for more information…


The concept for our look book will focus on a couple (man & woman) exploring the many wonders of Los Angeles.  This day in particular they stumble upon Little Tokyo and the Arts District. We will capture them in the midst of admiring the street art. The main goal of this photo shoot is to exemplify our ideas of street and urban apparel while keeping to a more authentic aesthetic to Little Tokyo and the Arts District.

Look Book

  • Layout:  Editorial (online website)
  • Location:  Little Tokyo/Arts District
  • Style:  Street apparel

Our Team

  • Photographer:  Mike McKay of Mike M Images
  • Models:  Susanna & Allen
  • MUA:  Monique
  • Hair:  Monique/Semper
  • Stylist:  Monique/Semper








Project #3: Street Fashion Blog


For the next week my partner, Monique, and I will be blogging on street fashion in the Los Angeles neighborhoods of Echo Park and Silver Lake.  We’ll interview, take pictures, and feature individuals we meet on our blog.  My specific focus will be on mens street apparel, those that are interested in the skating, car, and riding cultures.  This includes but is not limited to such brands as Obey, Illest, LRG, The Hundred, and Pink Dolphin.

Follow our blog at:

My partner for this project: 


Follow her @

Semper & Monique

Assigned Los Angeles neighborhoods:

Silver Lake & Echo Park


Target completion date:

February 26, 2013