Field Work: Observations at The Grove

Today’s assignment required me to go out and observe fashion anywhere in Los Angeles.  I opted for The Grove, which is a high-end outdoor shopping center next to The Farmers Market in West LA.  I made myself comfortable for two hours snapping pictures of unsuspecting fashion models from a bench on the main street.  I’d like to add that the weather was exceptionally nice today and the clothing reflected a variety of styles.

Old meets new…

The gentleman’s rolled up pants and white socks was the first thing that stood out to me.  I then noticed his pocket  square and striped tie.  He definitely played with his clothing, accessories and hair.  It reminded me of rock and roll (mostly because of the hair and white socks).

This lady is so ready for winter…

Even though this young lady was dressed head to toe in black it came off as very chic and modern.  I wish I could duplicate this look; I loved her booties the most.

Two very different looks…

These two ladies showed off two different looks.  The left, a short high waisted skirt with a scoop neck tank top.  The right, a maxi dress completed with a 3/4 sleeve cardigan.

Two spectrums of LA fashion…

The lady on the left had a very short, edgy but adorable hair cut that was set off by her surfer girl look.  The lady on the right captured what was in for summer:  snapback, loose t-shirt, statement necklace and strappy sandals.

Her wedges command attention…

This lady is very fashion forward but her wedges is what caught my attention.  Not only were they extremely tall but the colors, textures and materials complemented each other.

The Steve Urkel look is back in style!

I loved this gentleman’s bow tie and rolled up jeans.  I wish he would’ve worn socks or belt that made a statement.    Next time I’d like to see this done with Oxfords.

I am a sucker for dogs and shoes…

I love how high top sneakers have made a comeback into fashion.  The gentleman on the left pairs his shoe color with his flannel button up while the gentleman on the right embodies a new age Zack Morris.

Don’t let her hair color fool you…

I was excited when I came across this picture because the gentleman is wearing colored jeans, a late trend for men.  The lady has grey hair, I’ve seen many hair colors since I moved to LA but this is a first for me.


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