Minding Appearances: Style, Truth, and Subjectivity

For those of you who speak another language, how many times have you found yourself saying, “I don’t know what the word is in English” or “it doesn’t mean the same in English.”  That obstacle translates into fashion as well.  Sometimes we do not know how to express how we are feeling, what we stand for, and who we really are.  Simply put, we cannot easily express these things in words.  Lucky for us, fashion is the perfect medium that allows us to express our complex ambivalences (Entwistle and Wilson 80).  Have you used clothing as a language recently?

These girls are expressing themselves through the Gothic Lolita style.

Whether it’s during a concert or in public, music artists are notorious for using their fashion to make a statement.

Click here to read why Lady Gaga’s wore the meat dress.

I have favorite things I like to wear, and for different reasons.  I have a ton of jeans, but I like to wear one pair in particular because of the fit and cut.  I like to roll them up and pair it with shoes that may or may not make a statement.  I’ll wear my neon pink chucks when I’m feeling outgoing or my forest green Asics when I’m feeling somber.  The shoes I reserve for a special occasion are my black suede wedge platforms.  The last time I wore them was at my best friends wedding.  I have an emotional tie with these shoes because it reminds me of the good times in my life (Entwistle and Wilson 87).  Shoes were just one example but there could be other pieces of clothing that are special to us like a wedding dress, business suit, graduation cap and gown, or uniform.  These pieces of clothing serve as reminders of our accomplishments, special dates, or vital times in our lives.  Do you have a piece of clothing you reserve for a special occasion, and what is it?

I wore my favorite shoes to my best friends wedding…



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