Embodying the Single Girl in the 1960’s

Let me take the time to address something that was brought to my attention.  My blog can be boring and sometimes too technical.  From this point forward I will incorporate my opinions and continue to educate you, the reader.


Now that I’ve gotten that out of the way, lets continue…

When you read the title of this blog post did you think of “Sex and the City” like I did?  Single girl, that’s so Carrie Bradshaw.  If you’ve never heard about Sex and the City, click here!  I know there are mixed feelings about the show, and I quote Simon Said (loyal blog reader)…  “It’s just one of many shows that change how people think and feel about themselves and how life should be.”  While, others like myself usually say “OMG THAT’S THE BEST SHOW EVER!”  But why are we attracted to it?  Sex and the City embodies the single girl, it’s waif like and adolescent, the characters have goals, they’re glamorous and adored by men while being economically independent (Entwistle and Wilson 184).  That’s why we like it!  End of story.

Sex and the City, a show that embodies the single girl…

Another thing that I found interesting was during the 1960’s a different change also happened, the fashion constraints were replaced by diet and exercise (Entwistle and Wilson 183).  We basically took off all the things that “enhanced” our appearance and focused on our appearance through working out and watching what we eat (yawn).

Twiggy, iconic fashion model of the 60’s, gave us a new norm…

The problem with that is…  We hold unrealistic standards for what we should look like!  It’s an impossible and delicate balance between self-gratification and social control (Entwistle and Wilson 183).  I’m even guilty of this.  I am healthy, I admit I’m not as active as I used to be but I’m definitely not overweight.  When I was working out and watching what I was eating I felt sad that I would NEVER achieve what I wanted to look like.  Sure that involved being a few inches taller and being less than 100 lbs. but I held this unrealistic standard for myself.

We hold unrealistic standards…

I’ve touched on two different topics in this chapter but very relevant nonetheless.  In regards to the single girl, “Sex and the City” is one of many shows that embody this.  I realize it’s fantasy and I would never take it literal but the single girl mindset is empowering.  Also, embrace what you have.  Nobody has a perfect body.  Recognize that what you’re reading in magazines and seeing on TV is unrealistic and focus on YOUR best features.

Crystal Wenn, full figure runway model, for Jean-Paul Gaultier’s 2006 Spring/Summer show.

Don’t forget to embrace what YOU have.



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