Dress, Gender and the Public Display of Skin

I regret to inform you (the reader) that this will be the last textbook related post.  This is not the end of my blogging joinery, but instead, one that will be more interesting.  I have a class project coming up which requires me to take on an alter identity and document it.  See, I told you it would get more interesting.  With that being said, let’s get this blog entry rolling!

What stuck out to me in this (final) chapter was the discussion of a white wedding dress.  First of all, I thought everyone (besides celebrities) got married in a white wedding dress.  From my understanding it’s traditional and those who opted for a different colored dress were in it for the surprise factor.  Well…Yes and no.  White signifies purity and virginity, thus being the more traditional color.  [Timeout]  You can only wear a white dress if you’re a virgin?  Ahahahahahaha….sorry…no.  Do you know how many women have premarital sex?!?  [Time-in]  So, as I was saying, white simply represents virginity.  Don’t worry, you can still do all that “single” stuff and still be able to wear a white dress, nobody will know.  As for the other color choices of wedding dresses, that’s a different story.  In the book, the author gave an example of a engaged couple living together.  The mother would not allow her daughter to buy a white wedding dress because she believed her daughter had been contaminated (I lol’d hard).  Because the bride-to-be was “tainted”, Mom believed that she didn’t deserve a white so a creme dress was chosen instead.

Have you seen wedding dresses in colors besides white and creme?  I can’t say I’ve seen one in person but I have seen celebrities wearing unconventional wedding dresses.  What do you think this means?  Is it something significant to them or you think they just really liked that color?  I honestly do not know the answer to this question besides being “tainted” as a factor.  Hmmmm….Thinking cap time.

Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel recently got married.  Her dress is pretty but why did she choose pink?  Biel explained, “You know how hard it is to choose the dress … I really just wanted it to be romantic and different. I wanted to feel like it was really me. I actually surprised myself when I chose the dress. It wasn’t something I was expecting.”  Good to know it’s not because she’s super tainted j/k!

Jessica Biel’s Giambattista Valli Haute Couture Gown

You can’t forget about Gwen Stefani’s pink wedding dress by John Galliano for Christian Dior.  Stefani was asked about the color and recalls, “I said I wanted it to be over the top, but not traditional — I wanted it to be everything.”

Gwen Stefani’s Wedding Gown by John Galliano for Christian Dior

Last but not least, Dita Von Teese’s wedding gown by Vivienne Westwood.  Yes, a VERY untraditional wedding gown….

Dita Von Teese’s Wedding Gown by Vivienne Westwood


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