For my final project I will be embodying grunge!  I chose to embody this music subculture  because of many reasons…

  • I was in elementary school when grunge was at the peak of its popularity so the closest I got to experiencing it was through movies and music.  For me it was “Wayne’s World”, “Clueless”, No Doubt, and Alanis Morissette.  I never really got into Nirvana or Sound Garden, yes, seriously.  I was born in 1987, so I didn’t get to experience the 90’s as adult, now I have the opportunity to do finally do it!
  • It was my culture shock when I moved to Los Angeles.  The first bar I went to in LA was called Cha Cha’s in Silverlake.  I felt like I had walked into the 90’s, it was very surreal…  It made sense later when someone told me it was a hipster bar but I still don’t get what a hipster is.  That was another thing I wanted to look into.  If I dress in grunge, will I look like a hipster or a bum?  For those of you who don’t wtf a hipster is click here.
  • It wasn’t until recently that I found out Marc Jacobs was influenced by grunge and brought this to the runway.  Grunge made a fashion statement that went from the street to the runway.  So I’m curious to see what inspired Jacobs and where grunge stemmed from.

Cliff notes:  I will immerse myself in grunge, learn about the history, music, and influence it had on pop culture.

I am currently working on compiling my costume.  Believe it or not, Levi’s from the Goodwill cost $16.  Yes, even if they’re ripped and have the same cut like they did in the 90’s.  Also, Doc Martin lace up boots are back in style so they’re fetching for a pretty penny.

Inspiration for my alter ego…


The band Hole, front woman Courtney Love

The band Nirvana

The band Nirvana, front man Kurt Cobain

Marc Jacobs interpretation of grunge

Marc Jacobs interpretation of grunge, is that Naomi Campbell?

Waynes World, the perfect bridge between metal and grunge

Waynes World, the perfect bridge between all genres of rock

Please note, I am not going for Courtney Love heroin chic it’s more along the lines of Kurt Cobain Seattle grunge.  

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