Grunge: Day 2

Something was missing from my costume but what?  I looked through my inspiration board again…  It was the jeans, they needed to be shredded.  I took to YouTube and watched videos on how to distress/rip/tear jeans.  I went through a few videos until I found this tutorial that was best suited for my project.  Little did I know that distressing my jeans would take almost 4 freaking hours because the jeans were so thick and the weft was so tight!  The finish required the jeans being washed/dried so I had to venture out to the closest laundry-mat.  It was worth it because I was satisfied with the end result, take a look.

Georges Marciano for Guess?  Unripped jeans with materials needed

BEFORE: Georges Marciano for Guess? Unmolested jeans with required tools

Georges Maraciano for Guess?  Ripped jeans after process

AFTER: Georges Marciano for Guess? Ripped, washed, and shredded jeans

Now that the jeans were done I felt like my costume looked more authentic but I was still missing something…  Accessories!  Luckily my friend Sara was home because she lent me fingerless gloves, a beanie and a rasta purse.  The day before I had makeup on but you could barely tell.  Today, I wanted the makeup to be noticeable but I did not want to look pretty.  I guess you could call it heroine chic minus the Courtney Love outfit.

Grunge-Day 2-Overall look

Sara snapped this picture of me before I headed out

I was inspired by another students presentation so I posted this same picture on Facebook and Instagram to gauge their reaction.  I held off on checking both accounts until I was done for the night.

Encounter 1:  To gauge the publics reaction I went out to the Cerritos Mall with my buddy Mike  who also doubled as my photographer.  Because we were in a more suburban area I thought for sure that I would get a few odd looks.  We walked around the whole mall and even ventured into a few nicer stores like Nordstroms, Sephora and Godiva.  I did notice that the sales clerk at Godiva was super nice and joked with me.  Maybe he’s normally like that or not, I’ll never know.  In Nordstroms, Mike got all the attention because he was carrying a camera the size of a newborn.  Two different salespeople approached him and asked him about his profession and the model/size of the camera.  They paid no attention to me, I was invisible even though I had a thick coat on.  We went back into the main part of the mall and I noticed a trio (woman, man, woman) walking past us.  They had gauges, tattoos, and piercings and looked to be about my age.  In passing, the guy turned to one of the women (maybe his girlfriend?) and told her that he liked how I dressed then checked me out.  Time out:  Wait, what?  That was pointless because I had a shirt wrapped around my waist but whatevs lol!  Time in:  This same thing happened again!  Another guy checked me out, he too was decked out in tattoos and gauges.  Well at least I’m attracting people who probably listened to grunge at one point in their lives…

We took a cigarette/photo break, normally I wouldn’t do this but I was in character so when in Rome.  Mom and Dad don’t kill me.

Fumar by Mike M Images

Taking a cigarette break outside of Nordstroms, badass…  By Mike M Images

Rebelde by Mike M Images

Encounter 2:  After the mall Mike and I headed to one of his favorite restaurants called Fronks in Bellflower.  Everyone looked at us when we walked in but then again there were only a handful of tables occupied and it was a hole in the wall restaurant.  It was pretty uneventful.  I’m convinced that people in Los Angeles can’t be phased.  :sigh:

Fronks in Bellflower, CA

Look how small the inside of Fronks is, no wonder why everyone looked at me there’s hardly anyone inside!

At the end of the night I checked my Facebook and Instagram accounts here’s what was said…  (For my friends and families privacy, I did not include their names.)

Facebook:  I got 5 comments and 4 likes

  • “Liking the eye makeup, hot”
  • “Whoa, hot”
  • “I agree.  The eye makeup is pretty awesome”
  • “Dislike”
  • “Mucho better but the cleaner grunge would fit you well fi you decided to keep it for f*** it days.  Oh yeah minus those high waist george marciano pants lol!!!  Overall A+ ;)”

Instagram: (follow me @sempizzle)  I got 4 comments and 14 likes

  • “Dislike”
  • “Woa!”
  • “Why you mad bro”
  • “I don’t approve”

Places visited:  Los Cerritos Center (Cerritos), Fronks (Bellflower)

Total:  5 hours 30 minutes


4 thoughts on “Grunge: Day 2

    • Eowyn,

      I did but thats kind of the trend right now lol. Doc Martin’s are back in style and the cheapest ones I could find were used ones at the Pasadena Flea Market but they were only a few dollars cheaper than new ones 😦

  1. So now that you’re done with this Alter Ego Project, can you pick up your shopping cart? lol
    On a serious note… How did you feel while you were in character? And how did you feel about the people’s reaction to you? As opposed to how you are normally treated, was it different?

    • Wendy,

      Lol, especially on the last picture!

      But to answer your questions…
      While in character I felt ugly and uncomfortable but it was fun to be someone else.

      I was surprised overall because I wanted to get the funny looks but instead got checked out or ignored. It was ironic to see the feedback on Facebook and
      Instagram because people liked my grunge look instead of what I normally wear. I guess I’m due for a makeover.

      I guess it’s hard to gauge how I’m normally treated because I’m oblivious to peoples reactions, I block it out but I had to pay attention to it while doing this project.

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