Grunge: Day 1

I’m on the far left and to the right are my two best friends.  This is what I normally look like.  My look consists of thick bangs, ombre hair, minimal makeup, jeans, t-shirt, and statement making sneakers.   Keep this in mind while reviewing my alter ego project.

Semper n Lindas

It was overcast, raining, gloomy and I was in no mood to get out of bed.  I had my internship today so I had to get up and make my way to Echo Park.  Good thing I was short on time because I was forced to put 80% less effort into getting ready.  Showered (against non-written grunge rules), blow dried my hair and messed it up with hairspray (another no-no), put on eyeshadow with a q-tip (finally got something right), and put on my costume for the day (yes they were clean, don’t haze me).  Ok, game face on.  LET’S DOOOOOO THIS!

The outfit:  Punk legend black t-shirt, white long sleeve shirt worn underneath, oversized plaid button up long sleeve shirt, GUESS high waisted jeans, and black high top Converse.  The whole outfit came from three different thrift stores (Goodwill Pasadena, Salvation Army Pasadena, Goodwill San Diego) and cost about $20 altogether.

Semper in Grunge

My jeans are so high and uncomfortable that I couldn’t help but laugh.  Awkward clothes, and an equally awkward smile

Encounter 1:  Walked to my car.  Someone I have never seen before was watching me, hard!  It was very uncomfortable but I looked right back at him  -____-

Encounter 2:  I did not tell anyone at my internship that I was going to dress up.  I used them as my guinea pigs, sorry guys!  I kept quiet and hoped they would say something…  Nothing.  The excitement was too much so I asked the executive assistant if she noticed anything different about the way I was dressed.  Her reaction, “you got a haircut?”  I do give her the benefit of the doubt because my hair was full of volume instead of being straightened like I normally do.  But no, I did not get the reaction I hoped for.  She did admit that I looked like a chola.  I laughed, then realized my costume was a flop.  Still determined, I stayed in character and waited for the owner to show up.  Like before, I stayed quiet and did my work.  Waited, waited, waited…  Nothing.  Gahhhhh!  So I finally asked my boss if I looked different.  She also said that I looked like a chola.  Ok I suck at life, 2 chola responses and no grunge guesses.  I must be doing something wrong!  I thought about it and I have come to this conclusion…  I was dressed in a oversized brown, black, white plaid shirt and Converse.  Total chola!  Wrong plaid Semper…  Even though today was pretty much a fluke I was able to test out the costume and work out the kinks.

I’m famous!  This is the same picture that was used in my internships blog post, check it out here!

Semper in Grunge

I started off the day with my hair down. As soon as I started working it had to go up. I look more hipster than grunge in this picture. It was the buns fault!

Places visited:  Burger King (Echo Park), Bel Kazan (Echo Park), and the Post Office (Alhambra).

Total:  9 hours